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Flea Market Secrets Exposed - Real Methods to Successfully Sell at the Flea Market or A Scam?

Do you have tons of things stuffed in your closet or garage? Imagine the amount of extra cash you could make if you decided to clear out your house of all the stuff you do not need. There is usually a flea market in every major city and you can take your stuff there on the weekend to sell and make cold hard cash on the spot. 

I love going to the flea market every other weekend. You can always find great deals and there are tons of people there prepared to sell off their stuff. Knowing that tons of people always show up to the flea market I wanted to try out selling some of my old things and see if I would have any luck. I loaded up a few truck loads and headed on my way to see how much I would be able to sell. I am happy that they only charge a few dollars to rent a spot to sell and it only takes a few minutes to set everything out and get ready. 

I sat there for around six hours and hardly sold anything at all! I had no idea what I was doing wrong and noticed that many of the people around me had no trouble selling off most of their items. At the end of the day I only managed to make 100.00 and others had hundreds in their hands and they were happy as can be. I had no idea what I was doing wrong and I was fairly content with earning what I did but everyone else really raked it in well.

I wanted to try this again but make sure that I did everything right this time. I read the "Flea Market Secrets Exposed" to see if I needed to price my items different or if maybe it was a problem with how I laid out my items. I finally understood everything I showed up at the flea market a little early this time to make sure I had enough time to do everything right. At the end of the day I had made over 400.00! I was stoked and then decided to start going to garage sales to buy things to have them resold at the flea market. This makes me good money when I have the spare time to go bargain shopping. I am very happy that the flea market guide put me on the right track!  

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Flea Market Vendors

Flea market and swap meet vendors are always looking for new products and ideas that will produce income. Individuals wanting to get into the flea market and swap meet industry need a place to begin. The Flea Markets Across America Vendors Nook is a vendor/seller resource.


Top 10 Flea Market Secrets

Successful sellers know these top ten flea market secrets for big profits.  They use them to turn their weekend flea market business into a lot of cash.  If you want to build your own sales business, these flea market secrets can help.

Flea Market Secrets - Stay Legal
Before starting your own flea market business, make sure you have all necessary permits, business licenses, and resale permits required.  If you are selling new merchandise, you will probably need to collect sales tax.
Flea Market Secrets - Location, Location, Location
Different flea market focus on different types of merchandise.  Study the ones in your area and try them out.  What may sell at one venue will not sell at another.
Flea Market Secrets - Merchandise
Study the market you choose to learn what type of merchandise will be the best seller.  Should you focus on high end items like electronics, or inexpensive used clothing, or antiques and collectibles?
Flea Market Secrets - Product Sources
Whatever product you choose, you must find a steady, inexpensive source for it.  Research wholesale suppliers and liquidators of overstock and return merchandise.
Flea Market Secrets - Wholesale Research
Forget the middlemen that fill the internet search engines.  Go direct to the sources by researching manufacturers.  Or use respected wholesale membership groups that find the real wholesalers for you. 
Flea Market Secrets - Pricing Tips
Profitable flea market business owners expect to haggle when they sell.  Price items at least 25% more than the actual price you want.  Customers buy more when you offer an item of interest for less.
Flea Market Secrets - Set Up the Table Right
Create an eye-catching flea market display.  Keep everything neat and organized and spread out.  Place impulse buy items front and center, and use movement to draw shoppers' eyes.
Flea Market Secrets - Late Day Sales
Whether it is because they do not want to pack up their merchandise, or they are trying to hit a sales goal, flea market vendors should offer late day sales.  Price your merchandise so you can offer everything for half off in the last hour you are at the flea market. 
Flea Market Secrets - Customer Service
Granted, a flea market is more casual than a store, and repeat customers are less possible, but you still need to give good customer service.  Be friendly, always have change, and offer bags for purchased merchandise.
Flea Market Secrets - Treat it Like a Business
These flea market secrets are fine for the casual vendor, but if you want to make real money at the flea market, you have to treat it like a business.  You can make a full time income selling merchandise on the weekends.

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